What is an Oil Service?

oilThe Oil Service is a great supplement between services, when preparing for a long journey or just for some peace of mind. It includes:

The use of catalytic converters leads to a dramatic reduction in the emissions of CO, HC and NOx. However, they also result in an increase in CO2 emissions, which do not cause a problem for urban air quality, but may contribute to global warming. The efficiency of a CAT can be as high as 90%.

The Oil Service is designed to give motorists peace of mind about the condition of their car whilst proactively maintaining the car where there are long periods between Service intervals. The Oil Service is also ideal for cars doing either very high or extremely low mileage.

Why are there different types of engine oil?

Because not all engines are the same! A growing number of manufacturers specify that an enhanced “specialist oil” will optimise the engines performance. We will recommend an oil equivalent to the manufacturer’s specification.