Q. my vehicle is under manufacturers warranty, can I bring it to you for servicing without invalidating my warranty?

Yes, we can service most types of car and commercial vehicles to manufacturers specification without invalidating the warranty.Q. my vehicle has failed its MOT on excess emissions. What should I do?

Come into out workshop to have a diagnostic investigation to identify the problem and the possible causes.

Q. My battery light is illuminated, what does this mean?

There is a fault on your charging system, bring your vehicle into the workshop where we will carry out an investigation.

Q. My engine management light is illuminated. What should I do?

Ring reception on 01902 405198, to identify whether the vehicle is safe to drive to the workshop for rectification.

Q. A warning light has illuminated on my dash board and I donít know what it means. What should I do?

Ring reception on 01902 405198 for advice.

Q. I have recently noticed and musky and unpleasant smell in my vehicle, what does this mean?

This is probably due to a build up of bacteria in your ventilation system (air conditioning system), which probably requires an air conditioning service and fumigation.

Did you know that your air conditioning should be switched on at least once a week for minimum periods to help lubricate the moving parts and help keep the seals in good condition for a longer period?

An air conditioning service is recommended every two to three years. This is to evacuate the moisture from within the system, one of the main causes of air conditioning failure.