All too often, tyres have to be replaced early because of excessive yet avoidable tread wear caused by:

  • Under Inflation
  • Over Inflation
  • Faulty Brakes or†Shock Absorbers
  • Incorrect Wheel Alignment
  • Incorrect Wheel Balancing

Tyre Tips

  • Check tyre pressure on a regular basis - weekly if possible.
  • Never mix tyre sizes on the same axle.
  • Tread depth should be at least 1.6 mm across 75% of tread depth, to be legal.
  • Make sure you are able to change your tyre in an emergency situation.
  • Ensure that your tyre changing equipment is in good workng condition.
  • Drive with care in adverse weather conditions - give your tyres a chance.
  • Keep checking your tyres for any damage.
  • Look after your car's steering and suspension since this will affect your tyres performance.
  • Choose the appropriate tyre size and speed rating recommended for your vehicle.
  • If you have any concerns about your tyres - check it out!
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    Tyre balancing

    Unbalanced tyres cause vibration, which can lead to driver fatigue and premature, irregular tyre wear, as well as unnecessary wear to your vehicle's suspension. Your tyres should be balanced when they are mounted on wheels for the first time or when they are remounted after repair. Tyre balance should be checked at the first sign of a vibration or shimmy.

    Balance Weights

    Balance weights are the weights fitted to the wheel rim in order to balance out any heavy spots found in the tyre/wheel assembly. Previously made from lead they are normally made now from an alloy.

    There are various types of balance weights to suit different wheels - standard, slim line, stick-on etc. Stick on weights have the advantage of being able to be fitted to the inner face of the rim out of sight from the front to enhance the appearance of the assembly